Photo of Zoha Imam

Zoha Imam

Medical Education: Treasurer

Hi I'm Zoha and I want to be your MedED Treasurer 2020/21.

With presidential, secretarial and other executive committee experience during my time at ICSM, I believe I have the skill set required to maximise the student experience that MedED provide. I am quick to adapt and, having been involved in sponsorship roles, budgeting and finance, I know that being your treasurer is something that I can fulfil effectively and efficiently.

I am incredibly passionate about the work that I have undertaken during my time at ICSM - ICSMSU, Teddy Bear Hospital, iPRAS (Plastic Surgery) and Light Opera - and I have been able to work with a whole host of brilliant people to maintain what's great, implement changes where needed, and bring ideas to fruition. As someone with a love for teaching, Medical Education is something I know I will continue supporting for years to come.

Vote for Zoha for an experienced organiser and efficient treasurer who will work with you and for you.