Photo of Benjamin Russell

Benjamin Russell

Medical Education: Treasurer

I want to be your next MedEd Treasurer, to continue making a difference to the wider student experience and improve your academic opportunities.

I will:
- use connections and good relationships to secure more sponsorship to help the running of the society
- implement the finance skills I have developed this year to effectively plan and budget for events throughout the year
- use my experience to complete the annual budgeting successfully and profitably for MedEd

I’m experienced with:
- managing the year’s budget of tens of thousands for the whole SU as President
- planning and delivering the whole Freshers’ Fortnight as SU Entertainments Chair, organising a budget of over £15,000
- working as a member of ICU Leadership team on the £1.8 million block grant negotiation between the Union and the College
- developing relationships with sponsors from a range of companies and sectors ensuring income for the SU