Photo of Renke Huang

Renke Huang

Graduate Students' Union: Treasurer

Hi everyone! I am Renke Huang, a current MRes candidate at Hamlyn centre and this is my 5th year at Imperial. I have helped organise a wide range of events, including careers-talks-series and the Imperial-Festival. On the other hand, I worked as the publicity and sponsorship officer at the Chinese Association for the previous four-years and was elected as the deputy-president for internal affairs this year.

People might wonder why I am still passionate about Imperial's club events even that I am approaching the end of my Imperial career. One reason is that during four years of working as part of the student union, I have developed a great attachment to the participation of student activities. The more important reason is the sense of alert towards Imperial's global-reputation I have developed during my interns in big companies back in my home country. Although Imperial College has been representing the top education quality domestically, the oversea employers don't unanimously agree on Imperial graduates' employment-competitiveness, especially with the one-year-master-degrees.

Therefore, if I'm selected as the Treasurer, I will be primarily focusing on defending Imperial's global-employment-reputation by:
- utilising the sponsorship resource I previously gained during working at CSSA and establishing stronger links with EU and oversea employers
- managing income and expenditure appropriately to support campaigns that bring better opportunities for graduate-students. There will be more student-consultation and involvement in decisions that represent practical demands.
The global-employment-reputation is about everyone's future. Please vote for me, and I will serve the real needs of graduate-students.