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Zixiao Wang

Graduate Students' Union: GSU President

I'm a second-year Civil-engineering PhD-student. It's my 6th-year in Imperial. Proud to be Imperial-student, pleased to serve you!

H-bar-food is important, we'll keep working-for-that !

But most Imperial-graduate-students are actually more interested in internship-opportunities, funding-opportunities, job-opportunities and entrepreneurship-opportunities!Therefore, if elected, I'll:

(1)approach to companies' recruitment-teams, suggest more campus-postgraduate-student-job-fairs,negotiate more job/internship opportunities for our-PG-students and raise more money for our-PG-events!!!We are world top10 university,most companies desire our PG-students! ! ! I have 2-year's experience in Imperial-CSSA-career-department, I know exactly how to negotiate with company-HR. With your support, the above-plan is feasible!

(2)campaign to defend Imperial's global-reputation, since university-reputation influences student-employment-competitiveness!

Many international-students who have graduated, especially with one-year-master-degree, went back to their home-countries, sometimes having their degrees described as "low-gold-content", making themselves at disadvantage in job-market.That mainly because of degree-selling:super-high tuition-fees were charged to international-students, making admission prioritize rich rather than academic-excellence. Imperial is spoiling its global-reputation, turning itself as another-UCL! As Representative-to-Union-Council (PG-Engineering), I reported this issue to Prof.AliceGast at enterprise-lab last year. This year, I will keep reminding them such high-international-tuition-fee is unreasonable, meanwhile, working with them finding solutions to-improve-our-global-reputation.

(3)keep campaigning for WhiteCity-Woodlane shuttle-bus.Thousands of PG-students living around WhiteCity-Woodlane,but not enough shuttle-bus provided! I raised this issue to Union-Council lastyear, had pushed union lobbying university for extra-bus.This year, I will give a final-push in Union-Council to guarantee the WhiteCity-Woodlane shuttle-bus be done!

(4)defends the rights of European students after Brexit!

(5)GSU-president should be confident enough to answer students'-questions! I'll host GSU-President-Question-Time monthly to guarantee your voices are heard!

So, we-win, you-all-win!