Photo of Emma Couves

Emma Couves

Graduate Students' Union: GSU President

We make up over 48% of the students at Imperial but are well aware that we are not getting the wellbeing support, supervision, social outlet and facilities needed to build a well supported positive postgraduate atmosphere.

Having been a represented the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the GSU for the last 2 years, I have seen the struggle we have had getting the support we needed to make lasting improvements to the PostGrad experience. This is beginning to change and I plan to spend the year challenging the GSU to continuously work to improve the postgraduate experience in the following ways

- Work with the college to identify solutions to the postgraduate support and wellbeing

- Push the college to decouple supervision and wellbeing support.

- Review and renegotiate the provisions for Postgrads and support for the GSU within the ICU.

- Support the events team with gaining the financial support it needs from the college or the union to promote more inter-faculty collaborations.

- Continue work on building a dedicated graduate community hub with which I have been involved in this year. This will not only welcome dedicate PG space for meetings and students travelling between campuses

- Highlights and push for better provision of basic services across all campuses particularly out of term-time.

I believe I have the experience from 5 years at college and 2 years as a faculty representative to lead the GSU to make lasting changes to the postgraduate experience.