Photo of Timothy Moores

Timothy Moores

Electrical Engineering: Events Officer

I’m running to be EEvents Officer in my 2nd year as I have thoroughly enjoyed the events offered by the incumbents. If elected, I believe that I can continue their work and the success of the social side of the department.

I plan on continuing the hugely successful bar nights with the ever-popular SushiSamba and a more laid back indoor activities based winter bar night, such as boozy bowling. These would be complimented by the classic pub crawl (which let’s be honest will probably end up in Slug knowing me.)

For those people who are thinking that bar nights and pub crawls aren’t really their kind of thing, I hope to arrange events such as cinema nights, ice skating at the Natural History Museum and potentially something along the lines of laser quest or go-karting.

Most importantly, pls don’t vote ron.