Photo of Aleksei Wishart

Aleksei Wishart

Electrical Engineering: Events Officer

My name is Aleksei and it's no secret to those that know me that I love a cheeky wee event. The events run by EESoc are the perfect way to make new friends on your course who can make this degree a little bit more bearable, and god knows we need the help. That's why I want to be your events officer next year, making every event bigger and better than before so that you actually enjoy your time in this department.

Next year I, of course, want to run plenty of bar nights but specifically, I plan to introduce "Beers and Careers". Imagine your typical dull networking event, now scrap that and imagine yourself having a cheeky few down the pub alongside your potential employers, getting to know the true company and them getting to know you with that lovely social lubricant. It's got beers. It's got careers. It rhymes so it must be good.

On top of that, I'd like to run a few more wholesome nights for those who don't like to drink or simply just want a break from the sesh, such as more film nights, games nights and maybe the odd pub quiz here and there.

So remember if you want to make your time here just that bit more memorable, Wish For Wishart.