Photo of Hannah Burkett

Hannah Burkett

Chemistry: President

Hey I’m Hannah and I’m currently a 2nd Year Chemist!! Getting involved with ChemSoc this year has made my time at Imperial so special and that’s why I’d love to be your President next year! I truly believe that a strong community at uni makes things so much more enjoyable and I can’t wait to keep up the great socials, pub crawls, and seminars that we’ve been so lucky to have this year!

Since being a Wellbeing Rep in my first year I’ve always focussed on maintaining a collaborative partnership between ChemSoc and the Wellbeing Representation Network, and I would love the opportunity to continue this.

I love seeing my fellow Chemists happy and there’s nothing I enjoy more than organising things that make people smile! I’m always on campus and very easy to contact if you have any suggestions and I’ll try my best to make them happen!