Photo of Chamitha Gomez

Chamitha Gomez

RSMU: Junior Treasurer

Hi, I'm Chami, a Geophysics student in 2nd Year. I'm running for RSMU treasurer because I have loved being part of the RSM and would cherish the opportunity to give back to this wonderful community. I've particularly enjoyed my time at Imperial because of the many clubs, events and opportunities that the RSM has offered me and I want to ensure that the RSMU can continue this in a finacially responsible way in the future. The main administrative change I'd introduce to expand the support network for treasurers within the RSMU would be creating a termly meeting to help new treasurers into their roles and ensure their clubs are running smoothly.

At present, I am the treasurer of RSM Hockey. This has given me some invaluable experience performing the daily activites of a treasurer, such as running the online shop, as well as larger commitments, like writing the annual budget and submiting POs. This year, I've introduced some key financial changes to the hockey club, which has provided the resources to grow the club to a record size. From this role I have learnt how to naviagte the union's red tape and will be able to effectively guide the other treasurers within the RSM to help each club or society achieve their individual goals next year.

I believe the experience I've gained from being a treasurer this year has helped develop my financial and teamwork skills and that I'd be an ideal candidate for RSMU Treasurer next year.