Photo of Paulina Gordina

Paulina Gordina

Chemical Engineering: Industrial Relations and Sponsorship Officer

In the past year I have worked closely with the IR department of Chem Eng Soc as part of a sub-committee role. Here I contributed to ABB, Shell and other events. This has allowed me to learn how the IR department works and what exactly the job of IR Officer is – so I know what I am getting in to.

I have also worked in a recruitment consulting firm with my main job revolving around potential candidate and client outreach. This experience can directly relate to the IR Officer duties as I am used to and comfortable with going out on a limb to contact people. Getting to use this skill to talk with potential collaborators and sponsors for Chem Eng Soc would be an honour.

Additionally, I understand how much time and effort this degree often takes. By organising events and bringing the companies to YOU I wish to reduce your job/internship search stress.

My goals as Your IR Officer are to:
• Reduce presentations and increase workshop-based events
• Further develop the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) project to increase student interaction with less represented industries.
• Work with the Alumni officer to use untapped alumni-IR collaboration potential.
• Increase the communication flow between the IR department of Chem Eng Soc and Chem Eng Soc members enabling the students to have their voices heard when it comes to external
• Continue expanding and diversifying the Chem Eng Soc sponsor list.

Thank you for your consideration!