Photo of Douglas Lau

Douglas Lau

Chemical Engineering: Secretary

Hello ChemEngSoc!

I am once again asking for your valuable support.

Y’all may know me as the guy who sends out the weekly updates (hopefully you’ve read them (◉-◉)) but if you don’t, I’m your current ChemEngSoc Secretary and I’d love to continue serving you as Secretary!

Before we dive in, here are some top tips to survive the degree: r/PrequelMemes is still the place to browse quality memes during lectures, now followed by @assume.steady.state *This is getting out of hand… now there are two of them!*, the milk tea from Fusion is awesome, and empirical correlations are more useful in industry than first principles *Years of academy training wasted!*. Alright, here we go.

Over this year, I’ve been working to ensure the smooth running of committee meetings and communications, allowing us to bring you awesome events. I’ve also been replying to your emails and maintaining communications with external companies to ensure we deliver the best experiences to you. Hopefully this demonstrates my strong communications and cooperative skills which I’d love to bring to ChemEngSoc again next year.

Now here’s what I will do for you:
• Continue keeping you updated about what awesome events we’re hosting through my lovingly crafted weekly emails.
• Work closely with the new Communications officer to push more announcements through social media/channels other than email.
• Create a channel through which you can send us suggestions of what events you want, complaints you have, rants about the course…
• Continue being the link between you and ChemEngSoc!

Vote Doug!