Photo of Yu Gao

Yu Gao

ABACUS: Vice-President

Hi, I’m Karen and I’m a second-year medical student.

Since joining Imperial, ABACUS has been a major part of my university experience and social life. I have met some of my closest friends and was a part of some of the most memorable events because of ABACUS and I’d love to help others have as wonderful of an experience in ABACUS as I have, which is why I'm running for VP.

I ran a lot of clubs and societies in secondary school and sixth form, like Netball and Yearbook, and I’m currently a bartender at the union. From these experiences, I am confident that my organisational and leadership skills, as well as the ability to react to unexpected situations – especially those that involve alcohol - will be suitable to the role. I’m also trained in basic life support, which although hopefully won’t come in handy, might be useful on nights out!

If elected, I would run more lowkey internal events such as movie nights so ABACUS members can meet up more often for cheaper, quieter events without breaking the bank. I would also like to introduce a new role to the ABACUS committee, Alumni Officer, as I believe this role will allow for ABACUS to run even more smoothly and successfully as a society.