Photo of Ashton Choy

Ashton Choy

ABACUS: Vice-President

Before I’d even begun to receive university offers, I’d heard from friends that ABACUS was the society I absolutely had to join - and as my second term comes to a close, I know they were right. From all the amazing events to our close-knit community, ABACUS has provided an unforgettable first year experience. At a university famous for its intense work ethic it has been so nice to get an outlet for both having fun hanging with so many like-minded friends, and getting tastes of home culture that would be sorely missed otherwise. Having been to almost every event so far I’ve hugely enjoyed what this year’s committee has provided, and if elected as your Vice President I will ensure that I live up to their high standard. I aim to expand upon the experiences we’ve all shared so next year’s freshers will be just as happy in continuing the ABACUS legacy that attracted all of us in the first place. Changes I plan for the future involve putting more emphasis on getting to know fellow members at the start of the year, building a strong foundation for lifelong friendships down the road.