Photo of Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Hi, I'm Sam. As DramSoc Technical Director I have managed numerous successful events and have extensive experience in managing both finances and people. I have done paid work on the Union’s Systems and understand where changes are required. I successfully managed the technical aspects of last years Summer Ball, despite the decreased budget and time given to me, and this has allowed me to push the Summer Ball to be more Student-focused and better allocate money to the correct areas. I oversee all the Arts and Entertainments Society budgets and have helped manage the creation of the new Arts Nights.

My plans are:

- Re-assess the effectiveness of the approval chain of eActivities finances to speed up claims and event budget approval
- Allow students to have control over Union events by pulling together a Student-based Committee to oversee them
- Incentivise CSP events by providing management support and training
- Introduce development training for all Student Staff and Volunteers
- Provide Union presence at other campuses and get the Union involved on White City development plans so Student spaces can be expanded

- Automate services such as Room Bookings so CSPs are not left waiting for responses and to be able to view current bookings of the Union's rooms
- Introduce and enforce Maintenance Plans for Union equipment so the Union building and other campuses are fit for purpose in the future
- Introduce and enforce a Health and Safety management tool

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