Photo of Abhijay Sood

Abhijay Sood

Imperial College Union President

I’m Abs, your Union President.

This year, I’ve been working hard to change things at Imperial. For the first time, we’ve:
- Resisted proposed increases to halls rent, securing a £3m reduction from the College and kick-starting a campaign to fight for further changes.
- Successfully pressured the College to consider the ethics of their investments.
- Actively communicated with students, with regular interviews in Felix, more direct communication through the email newsletter, and stalls across our campuses.

We’re also fixing systems and processes inside the Union, so clubs and reps get better support and training, more decisions can be led by students, especially around major events, and the long-standing failures that led to the kitchens closing never happen again.

Re-elect me so that we can:
- Keep challenging the College; from our curricula to the cost of food and rent, decisions shouldn’t be made without us
- Protect the Union services students care about most when tough financial decisions have to be made
- Make sure the Union has a support staff structure that works
- Initiate a wholesale review of our offer for postgraduates
- Complete the work-in-progress automating the room-booking system
- Guarantee a living wage for student staff in future funding bids

After 7 months as President, and 4 years as a student rep, I’ve learned how Imperial works. I can spend the summer working for you, rather than in training, and lead a team that gets the best out of every Deputy President.

To keep fixing the Union, and challenging the College, re-elect Abs.