Photo of Thomas Cross

Thomas Cross

CGCU: Secretary

Hi! I’m Tom, a third year Aeronautics student.

Since signing on as a Fresher I worked my way from Editor of the CGCU’s magazine, Guildsheet to being the CGCU President last year: running events, restructuring and in building Alumni relations. In this time the CGCU has become my second home.

As CGCU Secretary I will seek to finish the new initiatives that the Committee and I started last year - keeping you informed every step of the way and focus to help develop a sense of community within the Faculty of Engineering. I continue to hope to make the CGCU a student body that is personal to you, enriching your experience at Imperial - and we've made so much progress this year!

I realise than many students still don’t even know what the CGCU is, so I will aim to keep you more in the loop by:
- Publishing frequent updates in the 'Engineers' Editorial' to keep you informed of the goings on inside the union
- Hosting regular catch-up sessions to make sure your input is at the centre of our decisions

Within the committee I will continue to work to build an engineering community by:
- Improving C&G Week – a week of welfare activities, club nights, diversity events showcasing inter department community building
- Continuing the great work with CGCU Dog Therapy

I will work Fight for Student Voice within ICU:
- Advocating for student issues such as a drive for free sanitary supplies on campus
- Making sure the Union never silences students again