Photo of Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns

De La Beche: Symposium Officer

DLB Symposium Officer – Vote Tom and James!

Who we are:
• Active, friendly and sociable freshers, now veterans of our first bottle match and DLB fieldtrip, looking to get stuck in to committee positions within the RSM.

Our Goal:
• To build upon the great work of the preceding officers by securing sponsorship, and constructing an enjoyable and informative itinerary for a high-quality Symposium.

Shared Experience:
• Familiar with structure of the day having both enjoyed the recent Symposium on Geology for the Future.
• Apt networkers with plenty of practice socialising in the union, conferences and alumni events.
• Both have served as secondary school Pupil Senior Leadership Team members paying tribute to adept organisational and interpersonal skills: for James this has involved the organisation of many charity events, and for Tom black tie events with catering for 300. James also has experience as a science communicator in museums and understands the delivery of science to junior audiences

Promises & Ideas:
• Diversify the range of speakers to represent the broad range of backgrounds expressed in the students and staff of the RSM.
• To develop a relevant theme which reflects geoscience in 2021. This could be international geology or planetary geology.
• Provide quality sustenance throughout the Symposium (cheesy chips and dips), as well as an affordable quality meal out.
• Sit on the DLB committee as active members for all purposes relevant to the society.

Look out for us at Hustlings, where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!