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Ruiao Hu

Badminton: Web Adminstrator

As one of the largest society in Imperial, the badminton society needs a strong and stable website for members to book social sessions. The importance of the website goes beyond session booking as it portals our society to the public. Thus it needs regular, careful management so that it can function consistently throughout every academic year. I believe I am a save pair of hands for these tasks from to my experiences as a software engineer intern in multiple established global firms. From these experiences, I have gained valuable skills in the development and maintenance of both backend and frontend software. If I am elected as the website administrator, I will dedicate my time to in maintaining the website's functionality as it is of the highest importance. Furthermore, I will listen to the suggestions and feedback of our members and develop, as time allows, additional features on the website, thus providing a better service to the existing members and attracting more members. Overall, I believe I have the technical abilities to become the website administrator as well as a personal connection to the badminton club to fully commit to the post.