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Benjamin Muntz

Badminton: Web Adminstrator

Hey everyone! If I haven't had the opportunity to talk to you already, my name is Benjamin, and I'll be running for web admin.
I've been active in the society since my first year, coming to almost every social session, and for the past two years I've been a social session manager as well.
The reason I am running for web admin is because I feel it is finally my time to take a bigger part in our lovely society and help out as much as I can, where needed.
The website is incredibly important to the social players as it's essentially our whole infrastructure. Therefore I also think it's a good idea that an active social player is in charge, since he/she will have first-hand experience, and get direct input from everyone at sessions.

From my experience as a manager, and from talking to lots of you guys, I've gathered impressions on things that can be improved with the website, booking system, registering no-shows etc. E.g.
- PC-compatible session lists for when we forget to print... (oopsie)
- Easier registration of no-shows
- Automatic warning/ban system
- Adding social matches registration to the website
I also think it could use some restructuring to better promote our society.
As for web design, I have quite a bit of experience - from random school projects to the Imperial Visualisations and Selkirk Hall websites, which I contributed on making.

Thank you for your time!