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Daniel Gerrard

Snowsports: Race captain

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present my manifesto:
I’m running for race captain for the second time after losing against the beaut lad Joe Joseph (more power to him). Having spent two years in the club now I’d like to think that I’m no longer a cute naïve fresher, although most people seem to think I am (emphasis on the cute part tho). I am ready to be a responsible member of the committee, and if it all gets too much my mum can always help me out, especially as most of the committee seem to be acquainted with her anyway, for reasons I’d rather not know. Enough bad jokes, here are some pros and cons that might help you decide whether to vote for me or not.
- I’ve participated in the indoor snow dome competition in Milton Keynes every year (so twice). I am yet to win it, but third time lucky!
- Excellent skier, can manage blue runs with no more than 2 falls.
- Close working relationship with former race captain JJ so he can teach me how to do such an excellent job, and how to be a very hard-working committee member.
- Can do a backflip on skis (no idea what that has to do about racing, just wanted to brag)
- Will organise as much training as possible, hoping to improve on the social side of the race team 😊.
- Open to organising new stuff
- Vote for me and I’ll tell you (See what I did there?)