Photo of Nikhil Faulkner

Nikhil Faulkner

Cross Country & Athletics: Athletics Captain

I’m Niki, middle distance runner entering my final year of my PhD in September. I’m running for athletics captain this year with Anastasia, sprinter and hurdler extraordinaire, as my unofficial deputy. We believe that we can bring enthusiasm and ambition to the role, encouraging people to take part in athletics and to develop their running, throwing, and jumping whilst having some fun!

What I believe I can bring to the role:
• 14 years of experience at all levels of the sport, including coaching
• A bridge between XC and athletics
• A bridge between ICXC and Thames Valley Harriers (TVH)
• Organisational skills and time management

What I propose as athletics captain:
1. Meet with athletics-only club members, athletics/XC club members, and XC-only club members to identify improvements that could be made to enhance athletics for all club members
2. Squad leads – throws, jumps, short sprints, long sprints, distance
3. A second athletics taster in the lead up to summer season with a competitive “trial” element
4. Contact clubs that are primarily winter sports to trial athletics for the summer
5. A comprehensive race schedule including open meetings and league races outside of term time
6. Introduce strength and conditioning sessions to reduce injury risk and promote athletic development

Anastasia’s role:
• Act as a strong advocate for athletics at social events
• Option to attend committee meetings and propose ideas to the club
• Encourage freshers to join ICXCAC with a primary focus on athletics
• Offer advice to members with a sprint or hurdles focus