Photo of Iris Soteriou

Iris Soteriou

Cross Country & Athletics: Athletics Captain

Hello everyone!
My name is Iris and I would like to run for Athletics Captain for ICXCAC. It's been a privilege to be a member of this society and ever since I joined I want nothing more but to exceed my limits, get back on track and help as many of you as I possibly can do the same. I have been a sprinter for 7 years now and competed multiple times abroad representing my country in the past. This is my first year training in London and I would love to make track training as effective and convenient as possible for all of the members interested in track. Respecting our body, treating it right and keeping it healthy is a big part of training, thus as athletics Captain it would be a privilege for me to attempt to make more sessions available for people who are primarily athletics oriented- like myself. For example classes focusing on sprinting technique and strengthening exercises purely related to sprinting to boost all of your performances. I would also love to introduce stretching classes led by me to help reduce our athletes’ risk of injury and improve long-term performance, since as a former ballerina I have extensive experience in this area. Thanks for reading, and good luck with training!