Photo of Jiatan Wang

Jiatan Wang

Singapore: Sports Officer

Hi I am Jiatan, currently year 1 of aeronautical engineering. Participating in the Singapore Society's various sporting events has given me the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests in a very different environment. The wholesome vibe that we reciprocate across the different years and course of study coming together to enjoy a game together highlights the inclusiveness of this society which I appreciate tremendously. This has no doubt helped me settle into this foreign city. Therefore, I feel that it is only right that I give back to this society, by first maintaining the high standards set by my predecessors before implementing further improvements.
My aim is for more of us to be involved. Further expanding the variety of sports is key to enhancing the inclusiveness of this society (for eg. cycling). For sports with lesser participation from our own ICL SingSoc, joint events will be explored and implemented with the respective SingSocs from the likes of UCL and LSE. I also aim for the expansion of ICSS sports to include a wider range of E-sports, from DOTA 2, to CS:GO and Rainbow 6 Siege.
Last but not least, how can any excitement of sports and fun not come with any pints. From society organised Union nights and pub crawls, there will be no excuses for not getting yourselves involved.