Photo of Mihaly Ormay

Mihaly Ormay

Cross Country & Athletics: Social Secretary

I am Misi (the orienteer), and I am planning to give you the chance next year to live through the best socials ever to grace this society. Have you ever felt like you would like to try all the societies at Imperial? Every single one! There is not enough time or money in the whole world to join all of them, am I right? My plan is to organise socials giving a taste of all the possibilities in and outside of Imperial - not just going on alcohol-related, silly ACCs or house crawls. I will organise socials like laser-tag, escape room, quiz night, board game night, and film club. Also, I am planning to occasionally replace social runs with a "social cross-training", for example climbing, orienteering, yoga, teamsteam and so on.

PS: I would like to apologise for the other social sec in advance, they will be left to organise any alcohol-related socials alone. What fun...