Photo of Carla Mercier

Carla Mercier

Physics: Social Secretary

Hi! I'm Carla first year Physics and I'm running for social secretary!
We all know that being a student at Imperial is hard, especially in Physics, between the problem sheets, the seminars....
I will help you fill your social and party quota, and remind you how fun your degree can be, to create some of your best memories in Physics! I am a hard working student who loves to be social and organise events, and I have plenty of ideas for next year!!
If elected, I will organise:
-more events with students from the year below and above, but also from other degrees
-end of term dinners
-more events at the union with pizzas and beers
-drinking games
-improve physics mums and dads scheme
- bday time activities and non alcoholic events !
and many more.. and I stay open to all of your ideas!

See you around!!