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Raphael Jones

Live Music: Publicity Officer

Ladies and gentlemen,

I aspire to make Live Music Society more public than ever before. It needs to happen.

From the unbelievable tech savvy tech task force and the passionately comitted committee who make events work, to the musical maestros and brilliant bands who provide the entertainment, we got the stuff. This is an amazing society that runs events of unparalleled quality. And more people need to know about it so that they can get on up like a sex machine.

So let's do it.

I'm talking:
prolific, pulsating posters
huge, throbbing themed events
flabbergasting facebook posts
powerful promotional music videos
jaw dropping jams
vehement vibes

Maybe even strike action.

I will do whatever it takes to make this society more public than ever before.

The sound of live music will ring out for the whole world to hear.