Photo of Shivam Patel

Shivam Patel

Hindu Society: Secretary

Hi, I’m Shivam Patel and I would like to be the next Hindu Society (HSoc) Secretary. This is primarily because being a member of HSoc has been an amazing experience and I would love to be more involved.

HSoc for me started at Welcome Dinner when I was approached by the Ujaali Choreographers trying to recruit me for the infamous freshers’ dance. Joining Ujaali was a great experience. From then on, I’ve only got more involved. Being a member of Subcommittee was a great privilege. Getting an experience of the immense amount of work that goes behind every event made me appreciate them so much more. It also gave me a flavour of what it would be like being a committee member. This further developed when I started running badminton sessions and putting together a team for NHSF nationals. This and arranging a garba session during Sanskriti Week also gave me an opportunity to organise HSoc activities which I believe will help me if I become secretary.

From my manifesto so far, I hope I have conveyed why I have enjoyed HSoc. This is why I want to be secretary. I want to be involved with everything going on within HSoc. Whether it’s room bookings for Ujaali and sports practices to the weekly emails, the secretary is involved everywhere and that’s exactly what I want to be.

Thank you for considering me and please vote me as the next HSoc secretary.