Photo of Christie Tsang

Christie Tsang

ABACUS: Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Christie and I am running for secretary for the ABACUS 2020 committee.

I can confidently say that during my time at Imperial so far, my most enjoyable moments have been made either at ABACUS events or with friends I made through the society! I really enjoyed all the opportunities provided throughout the year to socialise with my new friends, and as part of the committee, I hope to provide the same experience for next year’s members.

As secretary, I will enjoy promoting ABACUS events to our members and other students because I want to share opportunities for everyone to have fun and meet new people. From dumpling-making to karaoke, the society has been extremely welcoming, and I still actively encourage my other friends to join. I am confident that I will be a reliable member of the committee and use my organisational skills to ensure all communication arrives to members in a timely manner. No doubt there will be fantastic events coming up next year and by sharing photos via social media after, I hope I can play a part in everyone remembering all the great times they have with ABACUS.

Lastly, by being part of the committee I feel like I would be able to give back to a society that contributed so much to enhance my first year and I will do my absolute best to continue the amazing work the committee has done so far.