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Camille Boutrolle

Snowsports: Secretary

Hi all!!

Having had an amaaazing ski week in ADH (lowkey drooling over the ever so cool committee jackets), I am determined to contribute to the Imperial snow community in the coming year. With the Filbot era coming to a sad end, I enlisted her top tips and seal of approval – although she might not remember that far into the night - and figured this was my golden opportunity to try and put my expert procrastination skills with regards to uni work to good use. Big fan of to-do lists, putting off deadlines and the lot, I am one organised chica. If I were to be successful in getting elected as secretary, you can expect concise, precise emails, just the right amount to get you mega hyped for the mega mega 2020 trip and socials, and to keep you a happy subscriber to the prestigious mailing list.

PS. You'll notice this is both concise and precise. I'm good at this.