Photo of Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan

Cross Country & Athletics: Secretary

Secretary. The swan’s furiously paddling legs to the graceful appearance above water. Let’s be honest, I’m not particularly pretty or graceful (I’ll leave that to whoever gets Captain for now) but I am good at getting shit done.

With both a successful HPR under my belt, now 4 years of extensive leadership and management training, with a level 5 diploma, and soon a BSc in management, it is my belief that I am one of the most qualified members of the club to fill the position of secretary. And let’s face it, as a Des Eng student I’ll have plenty of time to write those GiRtHy emails and keep on top of the comings and goings of the club, perhaps even tidy stores from time to time...

To put it simply, I think that I’d do a good job at ensuring all the club’s admin is done as and when it needs doing, and to a high standard. Whether that’s sending the weekly email at a punctual time (none of this 2330 rubbish from certain other sports societies) or getting race entries sorted and transport booked with time for everyone else to put their feet up.

If you want someone who can keep the club running reliably, without spending time faffing about with rubbish like stretching, vote for me for club secretary this year.