Photo of Lara Sterritt

Lara Sterritt

Cross Country & Athletics: Secretary

I’m Lara, a second year biochemist, and most of you probably know me as I turn up to almost all the training sessions and socials. I spend so much time with this club and I love every minute, which gives me great knowledge of how the best club at imperial is run. Next year is my final year and I want to spend as much of it with ICXC as possible. I’m therefore extremely willing to give my all in not only giving you some (hopefully) entertaining Sunday afternoon reading but also helping out committee in any way I can. I’m not involved in any other societies meaning I’ll always have enough time to make sure your emails are on time and you are always up to date with the latest training, races and socials.

Secretary is all about being organised, motivated and communicating with the whole club and I’d like to think I am approachable and willing to talk to anyone needing advice, running related or otherwise.

If elected I’ll try my hardest to match Aymeric’s high standards, and keep those emails as short and fun as possible. There is however, potential for sections with advice on training and stretching, an athlete and photo of the week and updates on what’s going on in the running world outside our London bubble.