Photo of Daniel Pajer

Daniel Pajer

Photosoc: Treasurer

Dear Photosoc members, I'm once again asking for your support!

Having been the incumbent Vice President of Photosoc, I think I helped put Photosoc back on the map after a few years of slightly underwhelming leadership. Unlike in previous years, we tried harder to become a more affable society, organising a greater number of events, tutorials and especially the first-ever Photosoc pub crawl, which was a huge success. Speaking of success, our recent annual exhibition opening was a great one as well, with north of one hundred people attending!

The reason why I'm running for Treasurer this year is that I want to help the society as much as I can with the transition to new leadership by taking care of the annoying Union business, while continuing to build a more welcoming and social environment for photographers of all tastes.

Even though I want to treat our budget with respect, I think we should be able to effort to subsidise a trip somewhere nice, to get a breather from the hustle and bustle of London. We have also built up a sizeable sum of money over the years that is just laying around, not being used at all. I would like to see a bit of that pile being used on getting new cameras/lenses for people to borrow, to attract more people to our society and thus get more funding in the future.

Darkroom gang: I wanna start buying and distributing film for cheaper, vote for me if interested!