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Hrishi Shah

Snowsports: Junior Treasurer

Rishi Sunak has become Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasurer) of the UK, it only makes sense that rishi with a silent H follows in the trend and becomes treasurer of snowsports... #followthetrend

Why me?

- 2-time ski trip veteran, boozybowling veteran, curry night veteran... to name a few - us fellow veterans have to look out for one another no?
- I'm only 600 pounds in my overdraft but only because I buy really cool things (this is a half joke)
- you may recall by blonde frosted tips, if elected I will fully commit and bleach my whole head platinum blonde - I don't think anyone has seen an Indian guy with fully blonde hair?
- I'm pretty good with numbers (//Disclaimer: this is according to my C.V), like the current treasurer I too am a physicist.
- Have always committed in the Valley Rallies, reaching the finals in first year ( shout out waz, eion and dan #cheesyrice), and almost dying in second year (if you know you know) (don't try and stop a ski lift with your head) (shout out to joe, nina, dylweed and dylweeds girlfriend)
- been pied by a ski lift operator for marriage every year now, maybe the committee jacket will help my chances #hashtag third times the charm
- can potentially get a decent sponsorship

wubba lubba dub dub xx


PS this is all under the strong assumption I make it to third year
PPS-any employers who searched 'Hrishi Shah Imperial' on google- I'm a very hard worker