Photo of Ani Hazarika

Ani Hazarika

Tennis: Treasurer

As an EIE student I have a good foundation in maths and good knowledge in the use of Excel which are important skills for a Treasurer. I believe I would be able to handle the society's finances in a methodical and efficient way so that I can help to achieve the society's goals and expectations. From past projects I have done, I work well in a group environment and can also be trusted to complete any required work by the given deadlines. During holidays I have done work experience as tennis coach assistant which has really helped me to develop my organisational and time management skills, both of which are skills which I think would make me a good treasurer. As a member of the first team I am very committed to my team and teammates and want to extend this commitment to the society I have loved being a part of for the past year in order to see it thrive.