Photo of Noah Blackmore

Noah Blackmore

Live Music: Treasurer

Hi, I'm Noah! You might recognise me as the current Chair of IC Live Music, and I'd love to continue being a part of the committee next year as your Treasurer.

My past year as Chair of the society leaves me uniquely placed to work with my successor to manage Live Music's finances, including event budgeting, funding negotiations, and the all-important annual budget at the start of the Spring Term. My established working relationship with members of Union staff and students from allied societies and management groups will prove incredibly useful in this, and allow for effective discussions to take place before potential problems become major.

As Treasurer, I will ensure that we continue to invest the society's money in things that will benefit you as members, like new instruments for the practice room, timely repairs of broken equipment, and replacements and upgrades of existing equipment before it becomes unreliable. Live Music has a large amount of equipment worth a considerable amount of money, and my experience will be invaluable in targeting our limited budget to maintain, upgrade and add to this inventory as effectively as possible.

In my 6 years at Imperial I have become well versed in eActivities (the Union system through which most administration occurs), and will be able to process expenses claims and purchase orders made by committee members in a timely and accurate manner, while offering them any assistance they may need with this.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions!