Photo of Carlota Sole Escobar

Carlota Sole Escobar

Spanish: Junior Treasurer

Dear students,

I am pleased and excited to announce my candidacy for Treasurer of the Spanish Society for the academic year of 2020-2021. This is part of a joint candidacy together with Manuel Vila Torre (standing for President and former Vice-President), Pedro Rodriguez Antes (standing for Vice-President) and Lucas Cañizares Alonso (standing for Secretary).

As a member of the current committee, I have experienced first hand the successes and struggles and we have learnt what works and what doesn’t. Looking forward, we plan to implement new ideas, new events as well as collaborate with other Spanish Societies in London and include anyone and everyone who shares our passion for Spanish Culture.

I thoroughly enjoyed my position as Web Officer this year and it has helped me gain an insight into the workings of our society. However, for next year I wish to be more involved in making a better society for everyone.

As part of this joint candidacy, we have series of clear objectives: collaborating with various Spanish Societies in London to expand our possibilities, ensuring we have a safe and friendly environment for everyone wishing to share our culture and running more diverse events both for leisure and networking purposes (always with the appropriate subsidy).

Thank you for your consideration!
Carlota Sole Escobar