Photo of Joseph Davidson

Joseph Davidson

Chemical Engineering: Treasurer

Hello, I'm Joseph and I'm running to be your Treasurer for the next academic year!

I have a few key aims if I were to be elected:
- Work with the Industrial Relations Officers to support work to widen the society's sponsorship pool
- Ensure sufficient funds are available for the Events Officers to organise a wide range of exciting and accessible events throughout the year
- Consult members to ensure the society's finances are being used effectively to enhance the ChemEng experience
- Promptly review purchase orders and claims to ensure smooth financial operation

So what makes me think I have the experience to achieve these aims?
Over the past two years, I've been a senior and treasurer within halls. Through these roles, I'm responsible for planning a large number of events in addition to overseeing and allocating the £12,000 budget of the hall whilst liaising with the Union. This has given me the knowledge of budget management on both an event-by-event basis and holistic viewpoint on top of experience with the Union's financial procedures.

I believe I have the financial management skills as well as the organisation and insight into events budgeting to be successful in this role and help deliver another great year for ChemEngSoc. I hope I've managed to convince you of this as well. I'd like to end with saying thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto at this busy time of term and however you decide to vote, thank you for making your voice heard.