Photo of Federica Meroni

Federica Meroni

Mechanical Engineering: Vice Chair Finance

Hi peeps! I’m Federica and I’m a second-year student regretting my choice of degree daily. For that reason, as MechSoc’s Finance officer, I want to ensure we spend our resources on helping students forget about the doom that awaits us all as future engineers (possibly with the help of alcohol or cute puppies…).

I’ve helped the El Salvador Project Society raise more than £12,000 through fundraising and sponsorships, so I’ve gotten pretty good at charming people into giving me money. In fact, I am so passionate about it, that I’ve gone as far as running around the tube in a pink unicorn onesie to collect donations for the Jailbreak Challenge.

Living that broke student life, I am also pretty nifty at getting the best deals and finding the cheapest offers. Dealing with all the bureaucracy and invoices will just be another opportunity to procrastinate (sorry Julie) and the control freak inside me can’t wait to create the most satisfying excel spreadsheets in the history of MechSoc.

If you vote for me (please do) I pinky promise I will never steal, and that money will be put aside to finally fix those elevators and water fountains.