Photo of Rosemary Ng

Rosemary Ng

Computing: Treasurer

Hey all! I’m Rosemary. Some of you might have seen me running around and taking photos at DoCSoc events this year. I really enjoy organising events for you guys and being a part of DoCSoc. Seeing your smiles in the events means a lot to all of us on the committee. 🥰

Next year, I’d like to keep contributing to DoCSoc by taking up the treasurer role:
✅Clear about the operation of DoCSoc, as well as the general finance of DoCSoc
✅Equip with financial related knowledge: PO, impress, claims, shop administrators
✅Good budgeting skills💰 — I always look for the supplier with the lowest price for the same products, So, in turn, we can save money on the orderings and spend more 💸 in other events especially social ones
✅Enthusiastic about serving you guys for another year

I would also like to budget better on food so we can make sure everyone’s stomach is full and happy as well as minimizing the food waste. The preceding treasurers have done a great job, I wish to continue their good work and keep on automating the logistics and administration within DoCSoc to create a smoother work environment for the committee members in the years to come, so we can hold more exciting and bigger events!✨✨