Photo of Nicholas Trotter

Nicholas Trotter

Biology: Treasurer

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicholas Trotter and I am a third year Biologist, about to go into my fourth year in management.

As a current academic representative, I understand your needs and wants and am keen to make improvements to your life at Imperial from a new perspective.

As Treasurer for BioSoc, I intend to keep a strict financial oversight of the society and will ensure that our money is spent wisely and effectively. With cooperation throughout the new group of reps, I believe we can make the coming year a great one. Although the last treasurer, Félicité, did a fantastic job, there are several changes I would introduce to improve your experience at Imperial:

- Firstly, I will work closely with the new events rep and ensure increased subsidisation of events so that they are more easily affordable to ensure all can come.

- I will also look to improve the society’s income both from the Union and external sponsors, to ensure my first point, and to give the events rep the opportunity to organise more and better events.

- I intend to increase collaboration with BiochemSoc: this would include the organisation of events like revel, which although are ambitious, I believe are feasible with our combined budgets

I would be hugely grateful if you could vote for me as your BioSoc treasurer and thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto.