Photo of Kamil Bobrowski

Kamil Bobrowski

Mathematics: Treasurer

Hi, I’m Kamil, a second-year maths student. MathSoc is a big part of every maths student's time at Imperial and I would like to help with the running of the society.

Over the past year, I have been the treasurer of the Imperial UNICEF Society through which I have gained experience working as part of a committee, organising great events and most importantly, working with the Union. I believe the experience and skills gained through this would make me a good treasurer for MathSoc.

My main aim as treasurer would be to:
- Guarantee the financially capability of MathSoc to host bigger and better events. I would achieve this through careful budgeting and working with the committee to attract new sponsors.
- Ensure that all the financial processes are carried out quickly and accurately so that the organisation of all events can go smoothly.
- Allocate more funds to Imperial Maths Competition because I believe it has the potential to grow and it is a unique event to MathSoc.

During my time at Imperial, MathSoc has been growing from strength to strength as a society. If I am elected, I will do everything in my power to ensure this trend continues.