Photo of George Hutchings

George Hutchings

Mathematics: Treasurer

I’m George, a second year and am running for treasurer, I’m a very passionate and dedicated member of MathSoc, some of my best nights have been spent alone in the MLC! But on a serious note I believe (like Maths is the foundation to sciences) MathSoc should be the key society of Imperial, and I can help make that happen.

Main aims:

-Funds transparency:
It’s essential for transparency in the allocation of funds, as this would not only bridge the gap between Mathsoc and its members, but also allow feedback from members on the distribution of funds.

-Departmental relationship:
I want to work closely with the department to try and ensure that the facilities within Huxley are maintained/renewed (*cough* MLC water-fountain…) when necessary: we should not be using broken/poor-quality facilities when better alternatives are easily available.

I’m driven to retain our current sponsors (at a good deal!), while gaining new sponsors to provide funding for Mathsoc events/products, I also would like more careers opportunities and general engagement from them.

My experience involves:

-During my gap-year, I was given the responsibility of allocating funds for events and ensuring logistics costs don’t jeopardise profits.
Together with working on various projects and negotiating deals as a team: developing my negotiation and interpersonal skills which are essential in forming good deals with sponsors and working on committee.

-And I mean, I’ve managed my money to survive living in London for a year!!!

Vote for me for a better MathSoc!