Photo of Merrill Shen Xingrong

Merrill Shen Xingrong

Singapore: Treasurer

Hey you! My name's Merrill Shen and I am running for SingSoc's Treasurer position.

Ever wondered why aren't there enough funds to have free food or bubble tea at ALL SingSoc events? Me too. Jokes aside, As jovial as I might seem, if a responsibility is bestowed upon me, you can be rest assured that I will rise up to the occasion.

Someone once told me: "The strength of an organisation lies in how their funds are allocated." Through this responsibility, this is how I give back to the society that has been a source of comfort; a home away from home. Tapping on the experiences of my previous leadership positions, resources management in planning and conducting activities in NS, trust that I will fulfill the responsibilities of a treasurer and more. As treasurer, I will ensure that funds are properly allocated and invested in a matter to bring about the best SingSoc experience possible, whether it be setting a bigger budget for Sojourn, more welfare during ME, or leaving enough funds for brand new, fresh events that will build social cohesion and fill your bellies. Moreover, as a committee member, I will do my best to ensure that the concerns of members are addressed and taken care of.

So if you like what you see, then vote for me!