Placeholder candidate photo

Devam Savjani

Hindu Society: Treasurer

We, Virensinh Rathod and Devam Savjani would like to be your next Hindu Society (HSoc) treasurers.

We believe we will make great treasurers because we are professional, pro-active, and definitely money motivated.

Having the experience of being sub-comm and various other experiences, we are well prepared for the challenges facing this role. With our approachable and easy to talk to personalities, not only are we suited to work together but also to liaise with sponsors, committee and the entire society. Most importantly we would like to ensure a strong relationship between the sponsors and the society to guarantee a more stable financial income for the numerous years to come.
Both of us have the skills to excel in this position and are prepared for the challenges entailed within the role and has already experience in treasury positions under our belts, we know we will be able to adapt and overcome the issue that arises. Our visions as treasurer are to not only ensure the books are balanced, but rather bring new sources of potential income, new sponsors and be receptive to the feedback given back the society. Our strengths in managing, organisation and enthusiasm will ensure Hindu society runs smoothly and efficiently.

Thank you for considering us as treasurers and please vote for us!