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Siew Wen Ng

Malaysian: Treasurer

Imperial College Malaysian Society (ICUMS) has become my family which always brings joy into my life in Imperial. I want to partake in ICUMS tradition of providing a welcome feeling to Malaysian students. This motivates me to run for the position of ICUMS treasurer to contribute back to the society that I hold dearly.

My goal as 2020/2021 ICUMS treasurer will be:
1. to make MSoc more inclusive, not only to freshers but also to all second, third and fourth year members
2. to emphasise on the welfare of our members
I believe the above can be achieved by smart allocation of budget.

During my tenure, I will:
1. Carry out financial risk analysis which serves to standardise the procedure for fund allocation, thus ensuring effective use of budget.
2. Improve on ticket sales by using google form and reference code for clearer transaction record.
3. Reallocate budget within the event sector to allow new events such as get-away day trips and mini-golf that encourages participation of all members.
4. Use the budget for sports sessions bookings efficiently so that more funds can be allocated to welfare.

Why me?
1. I am organised, dedicated and will be consistent in providing clear financial accounts for ICUMS.
2. Being the secretary of Scout in secondary school gained me experience in running a club and working in a team.
3. Being the project chair of an awareness campaign aimed to promote health gave me the experience in ways to effectively manage funds.