Photo of Way Hoo

Way Hoo

Malaysian: Communication Secretary

Imperial College Union Malaysian Society’s (Msoc) hospitality and inclusiveness has provided me a sense of comfort and security since day one. It definitely lives up to its title of being our home away from home. All this is only possible with the people within Msoc, especially those running Msoc. By running for the role of Communications Secretary, I want to give back to Msoc, by perpetuating the kindness and affection I received.

If I were to be elected as Communication Secretary, I will

-maintain and improve the quality of Msoc’s event marketing materials, merchandise, media presence, and website;
-Capture and document our members during events;
-Expand and develop the current MNight marketing team;
-Successfully execute MNight’s Marketing campaign;
-Support other committees wherever relevant;

Achieving these through various possible initiatives like professional portrait photoshoot which serves to compliment Careers 101 and exposure to the team.

I used to do photography as a hobby during high school and even dabbled in some filming and video editing. Being a part of the MNight 2020 Marketing Team has definitely laid down a more solid foundation and interest for this role. In addition to that, being part of various student organizations like iCUBE, ICU Chemical Engineering Society, etc has equipped me with soft skills that are crucial for a leadership role like Communications Secretary. Given this opportunity, not only will I promise to uphold all of the responsibilities of this role, but also to promote inclusivity and improve our member’s experiences within the society.