Photo of Hui Man Then

Hui Man Then

Malaysian: Communication Secretary

Hi, my name is Then Hui Man, a first year Biological Sciences student and I am running for Communications Secretary. ICUMS has allowed me to bond with other Malaysians and feel at home despite being in a foreign country. Although I have no prior experiences in designing, I would like to take this as a challenge to improve myself and contribute to ICUMS with my hard work.

If I am elected as the Communications Secretary, I will:

• Create the next Malaysian Night’s Instagram account earlier
• Maintain the quality of promotional materials
• Recruit freshers to join the marketing team for the next Malaysian Night
• Increase social media presence of ICUMS by posting fun contents and make hashtags for promoting Malaysian Night

I was the Sales Team Leader in the Chinese Society during high school and was in charge of coordinating my team in selling a weekly student newspaper published by Sin Chew Daily.

I am also part of the Marketing Team for this year’s Malaysian Night so I have learnt the basics of taking and editing photos and videos.

I am a responsible person, making sure every task given to me will be completed on time without compromising quality. I am also willing to learn – although I have no prior experience in designing, I would like to dedicate my time to learn web-designing.

I hope I have conveyed my eagerness to join ICUMS as the Communications Secretary and I look forward to contributing my experiences and skills to ICUMS.