Photo of Hayley Wong

Hayley Wong

CGCU: President

Having been the CGCU Vice President, CGCU Education Officer (Faculty Rep), and the Engineering Representative to the Union Council, I understand better than anyone else the intricacies and challenges of representation and leading a team. I have the experience to succeed in that.

As CGCU Vice President, Faculty and Council Rep, I have:

- Directed the CGCU Committee in the organisation of numerous events such as CGCU Townhalls, which pushed forward student representation and transparency of union roles
- Participated in the halls rent debates and voted against the college's rent rise model
- Organised a networking opportunity for engineers with a Forbes 30 Under 30 CEO
- Continuously communicated with the DepReps of all 8 departments to understand the voices of all 4200 engineers
- Liaised with senior staff members on behalf of the students about academic and timetabling issues

As CGCU President, I will:

- Actively push for improvements in the union's room-booking despite their high (~40%) staff turnover rate
- Amplify the voices of all 8 DepSocs and 9 CGCU-managed societies, making sure they are heard at the top
- Strengthen the engineering identity by increasing and improving CGCU-held interdepartmental events
- Continue coordinating the Rep Networks and provide any support they need to better advocate for you
- Work with the wellbeing team to tackle the couselling issue and hold events such as Dog Therapy

If you want someone with the experience, the dedication, and the resolve to lead CGCU through these turbulent times of the Union; vote for me, Hayley Wong, as your CGCU President.