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Hermine Tranie

Tennis: President

My name is Hermine and I am running for president.
Part of the reason why I love tennis soc is because of its team spirit. But we need more. Let's start a buddy system to welcome newbies (no sharking lol) and mix all players, both social and teams. Let's also bring back group gym sessions with a personal trainer. #gainzz Some of my best uni memories have been chugging blue VKs with the tennis soc at ACC even after losing 12-0 or catching up on our endless commute to our beloved Heston :'(. Which is why I want to give back.

Why me?
- Passionate member of the ICLTC community for the past 3 years in women’s 2nd team.
- I know how to manage people, I have 6 siblings...
- President of a cultural society for the past 2 years; together with my committee we fixed our finances and put it in its best financial state while investing in better quality activities. We lobbied for the highest union grant in our history, peaked in membership (=150), while trying new things such as inter-university social events. And trust me when it comes to dealing with the union I can hit a winner.
- Organised Imperial's first ethics in science conference attracting 110+ people and academics across Imperial and Cambridge including our Vice Provosts (did you know we have 2?)

Team work makes dream work, vote for me.
PS: please take a look at my full manifesto ;)