Photo of Samuel Shapley

Samuel Shapley

Snowsports: Chair

My dearest snowmen and snow-women. The time has come where you decide on who you will be the victorious new leader of what the union calls a society, but we all know is a VK worshipping cult.

Whether it be Freshers Fair (*welcome fair), curries and that almighty day of worship known as Valley Rally, I would love to lead this church you all call ICSC.
I’ve been an active member of the club both inside and outside of committee, and believe I am perfectly placed to take over the reigns from Miss Orsini, having worked by her side on many an event.

Many of you already know me as the cheeky social sec who loves his skiing. I’m partial to spending large amounts of money on large bottles of rose, but who cares as long as everyone’s happy right?

*serious section*

Being president isn’t just about being a figurehead, and I’m prepared for the work involved to give the club the best year possible.
We definitely need more events and more training outside of the trip, which I will definitely organise as your president.
Having been on committee already, I’m familiar with the processes behind the scenes, and what needs to be done to create legendary moments and memories, which after all, is what university is all about....
Wow wasn’t that all cute, my heart is really full right now. Go vote for me you sesh gremlins, you won’t regret it xxxx

p.s i love you